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Investing in the Structured Products involves risks. The price of a Structured Product may fluctuate and investors may sustain a total loss of their investment. The structured products are non-collateralised products. If the Issuer is insolvent or defaults, investors may not recover part or all of the amount due. CBBCs have a mandatory call feature and may be terminated early, in such case, (i) an investor of category N CBBCs will not receive any cash payment; (ii) the residual value for category R CBBCs may be zero. You should make your own assessment before making any investment decision and obtain independent professional advice if necessary. Turnover of structured products trading is not indicative of the performance of the structured products, and investors must not solely rely on historic high turnover data to determine the future performance of a structured product.
This is a non-collateralised product. If the Issuer is insolvent or defaults, investors may not recover part or all of the amount due.
Disclaimer in relation to the use of Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index and Hang Seng TECH Index can be found in the listing document. Disclaimer in relation to the use of NASDAQ-100 Index can be found in the listing document.